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The Leakeys: A Biography

The Leakey family's achievements have had an enormous impact on our knowledge of human origins and evolution. This biography describes their life in detail, including their discoveries, publications, controversies, and legacy. A timeline, glossary, and bibliography of print and electronic sources supplement the material.

Excerpts from Reviews:

  • Children's Literature says the book presents the Leakeys as "complete human beings with strengths and frailities rather than cardboard cutouts."
  • School Library Journal describes it as an "accurate, accessible" biography that goes "beyond facts to create an engaging profile of exceptional personalities."
  • The Midwest Book Review calls The Leakeys: A Biography "outstanding" and highly recommends it for any high school to college-level library.

ISBN: 0-313-32985-0

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Busy Fingers (written with Wendie Old under pen name C.W. Bowie)

A companion book to Busy Toes. ISBN 1-58089-037-7.

Busy Fingers is the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book Award - Gold Seal (2005). Both Busy Toes and Busy Fingers are now available in Spanish.

Charlesbridge/Whispering Coyote
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Busy Toes (written with Claudine Wirths & Wendie Old under pen name C.W. Bowie)

A multiethnic picture book/emergent reader for children ages 2-7. ISBN 1-879085-72-0. (Teachers: Ask Mary for flyer with activities.) Also available as a board book and a big book.

Excerpts of reviews:

  • Children's Literature newsletter: "A wonderful book…"
  • Booklist: "…this picture book sounds a one-note salute to busy toes; wear the wiggles out of both fingers and toes at any toddler story time."
  • School Library Journal: "…children will easily relate to the activities enumerated in the poem."

Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.
88 Post Road West
Westport, CT 06881
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Margaret Mead: a Biography

Anthropologist Margaret Mead garnered fame and generated controversy in a full life that spanned much of the 20th century. This book includes material about Mead not published in other biographies, including:

  • information about existing pages of a manuscript Mead described tearing up when the atom bomb was dropped,
  • her personal and anonymous funding of the American Anthropological Association when it was in financial straits, and
  • her support for anthropologists who worked for the government's covert operations during the Vietnam War era.

ISBN 0-313-32267-8

Consulting Psychologists Press
3803 E. Bayshore Rd., Box 10096
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Are You My Type? Or Why Aren't You More Like Me?
Builds on the concepts of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to help teens understand themselves and others.
ISBN 0-89106-055-3.

This book is now available in Arabic.

J. Weston Walch, Publisher
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Portland, Maine 04104-0658
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I Need a Job
Candid advice to help teens and young adults get and hold an entry-level job. ISBN 0-12982-381

I Need to Get Organized
Helps older teens and adults put their lives in order at home and on the job. ISBN 0-8251-2393-3

I Need to Get Along with Other People
Helps employed teens and adults understand themselves & their co-workers and why people act as they do. Easier to read than Are You My Type? but also builds on the concepts of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. ISBN 0-8251-2657-6

Enslow Publishers, Inc.
40 Industrial Rd., Box 398
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
(800) 398-2504

Money: Save It, Manage It, Spend It
Gives teens ideas about effective ways to manage money - dividing it between necessities and luxuries - based on their temperament type, whether their spending style is impulsive, careful, or somewhere in between. ISBN 0-7660-1363-4

Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.
29 East 21st St.
New York, NY 10010
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Careers in Child Care
Helps readers decide if they want to pursue a career in child care. Different kinds of care, including nanny, home care provider, teacher* and assistant, are described through interviews with a typical caregiver. Charts help the reader decide if s/he would be happy with this career, how to avoid bad job situations, and future opportunities. ISBN: 0-8239-2891-8

Excerpt of review from Booklist: "The pros and cons of the field are carefully discussed in this readable and accessible guide…The writing is upbeat and gives an honest picture of what it is like to work closely with young children."

*Community Montessori School, my daughter Bonnie Redmond's school in Herndon, VA, is one program featured in this book.

Coping with Discrimination & Prejudice
Helps teens and young adults think about this complex topic and make decisions how to deal with discrimination in their lives. They are not told discrimination is wrong but rather that thoughtfulness and empathy can ease tensions, since everyone in some ways discriminates. ISBN 0-8239-2782-2

Excerpt of review from VOYA: "In readable and informative text, the authors define and explore the topics using examples from daily life…This title is recommended for collections that have or need books on this subject."

Confrontations & Encounters with the Police
To help teens and young adults understand the power police have and how their behavior, whether the encounter is at a mall, in a car caught speeding, or with a problem more serious, can impact what happens. ISBN 0-8239-2431-9

9-book series A Day in the Life of…
[Police Officer, Coach, etc. Complete list below]
Books for beginning readers, grades 1-3 or read-alouds to younger children.

Police Officer ISBN 0-8239-5095-6
Emergency Medical Technician ISBN 0-8239-5099-9
Coach ISBN 0-8239-5097-2 - Buy at Printasia
Firefighter ISBN 0-8239-5094-8
Doctor ISBN 0-8239-5096-4
Veterinarian ISBN 0-8239-5296-7
Teacher ISBN 0-8239-5295-9
Newspaper Reporter ISBN 0-8239-5306-8
Architect ISBN 0-8239-5297-5

Everything You Need to Know about Learning Disabilities
Provides basic information for those who suspect a learning disability or simply want to know more about the subject. ISBN 0-8239-2956-6

Excerpt of review from VOYA: "Information is broken down into simple concepts presented in short chapters of clean, direct prose…attractively designed to draw high-interest, low-reading-level students in the middle school, junior high, or public library."

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Everything You Need to Know about Down Syndrome
Provides basic information about the subject, growing up with DS, and how to talk and interact with those with DS; that is, "Treat a person with DS the same way that you would treat anyone else-the way you would like to be treated." (p. 57) ISBN 0-8239-2949-3

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